Your business doesn’t have to be a multi-million dollar company to hire a lobbyist. Big or small, advocacy groups and companies need to have their voices heard by bureaucrats and policymakers. Different lobbyist firms specialize in different areas so it is imperative to choose one with the right kind of connection and experience.

If your company’s interest is not advocated for or heard by lawmakers, you could be missing so many opportunities that your competitors are already grabbing. This is very true even at the state level whereby legislators regularly enact new rules for regional and local enterprises. The municipal authorities also enjoy the benefits of activists when the issues facing the local community are being tabled at the federal level. It is important for their political interest to be represented during those hearings. With good advocacy, lobbying professionals could make a huge difference in a competitive industry or during a controversial case.

Choose an Area of Expertise

Industries are governed by different laws and regulations. So are the priorities. When picking a lobbyist, you need a firm with profound connections to key stakeholders in your particular industry. Their expertise should match your interest in the policy that might affect your business. Make sure that the professionals have enough experience in your field and they understand your issue well. If you are confused about this, go through our databases to see what lobbyists other organizations have hired to handle cases like yours.

Set the Priorities Right

Before signing a lobbyist contract, determine your goals first and have a clear vision of the outcomes you would want to see. Without specific objectives, the lobbyist may not understand your aspirations. Vague ideas also hinder their potential to show you whether the concept is feasible or not. It is not possible for a lobbyist to influence the authorities and get what you want if you have not set your priorities right. But with clear goals, they can advise your company on the way forward or suggest alternative objectives that are more achievable.

Our Services

We tailor our services to meet the needs of each organization that knocks on our door. Is your corporation trying to impact the legislation directly? Do you want to grow your brand at a national-level market? Perhaps you just need a lobbying presence to monitor political issues. We offer cost-effective services with value-driven options in various industries.

Business Development

Our lobbyists are skilled at developing a clientele base at a national marketplace. Let us help you identify lucrative opportunities from federal contracts. We can help you establish the right political support in significant constituencies. We use multifaceted strategies to expand the federal businesses of our clients. We start by looking into the policy environment surrounding your organization and your proposal to the government or local authorities. Then we design and execute a comprehensive and unique marketing campaign.

Grassroots Advocacy

We offer powerful grassroots outreach by partnering with various stakeholders. Our advocacy hubs can integrate with your site to give direct-contact advocacy tools to use in grassroots activism. Depending on your specific needs, this may entail a number of materials like call scripts, talking points, and supporting letters. Whether your case is at a local, state, or federal level, our hubs will offer you membership so that communication is tailored as needed and sent to the necessary officials. It is our joy to see your organization’s reach and efficacy expand.

Federal Affairs

Through sophisticated strategies in federal advocacy, our scalable approaches can bring you allies from the legislative or regulatory sectors. We base our methods and materials on extensive connections with government officials. We can adjust our activities when conditions allow. With a holistic approach, we can successfully alter federal regulations and public policies for administrative agencies. Over the years, we have seen rules passed and introduced just to secure the required funding for our clients.


Besides the many benefits of our advocacy hubs, we can increase your organization’s reach through different communication pathways or social media. Our able professionals boast excellent public relations and strategic communication skills. They can craft strategies and design the right messaging content while monitoring the results. They know how to make adjustments to optimize good results. We analyze websites and social media traffic to implement a full-scale engagement strategy and the right support materials based on metrics.


Are you looking to secure grants from the government? Need meaningful business relationships with legal entities? Get practical assistance from our lobbyists and start receiving funds. We create project proposals that are coherent with the requirements and preferences of government officials to help you acquire the grants. As far as the government contracts are concerned, we can tweak the features of your company to make it more appealing in the eyes of the federal agencies. For instance, your business might need a disability-friendly environment or a woman-empowered status to qualify as a grantee. Maybe you don’t know what type of grants you are eligible for. We can assist you in identifying them and send your applications. After submitting the application, it is our job to build a support system with significant committees of jurisdiction, other members and relevant delegates to get support from the target office.

State Affairs

National corporations have to deal with legal issues at state levels and this may be costly. Our resources help us to identify and monitor the current state-level actions. Thanks to our networks and professional relationships, we can offer you proper advocacy on legislation at the state level. We can give you a list of relevant legislation and analyses of bills with great impacts. You not only get great value for your membership but also an early warning system on state affairs. This has enabled us to create a network of grassroots with businesses and individuals who can be counted on for broad advocacy in the event of national issues.

Start a discussion with us today so we can protect your interest regarding a new administrative rule or legislation that might affect your company. We have all the technological tools and human connections to help you benefit from new laws.