There is a lot that is always said about lobbyists, Most people believe that they are used to push a certain agenda, which is not entirely true. There are many lobbyist activities that have been for a greater good. If you are looking for a lobbyist, or if you want to become one, some of the qualities lobbyists should have are:

Knowledge of Law

The role of a lobbyist is to sway legislation. This can only happen if they fully understand the law they are pushing for. Since the law is fluid, and there are many things that stem from history, a good lobbyist should be able to understand different contexts of law, and how they apply to today’s society. Without such an understanding, it would even be difficult for them to present their points to the people they are supposed to convince. This explains why most lobbyists are lawyers by profession.

Good Communication Skills

From presenting facts and figures to the legislatures to trying to communicate to the media, a lobbyist must have good communication skills. They cannot afford to fumble and panic when they are presenting their points. Poor communication skills could be misinterpreted as a lack of confidence. There are several lessons that one can take online if they want to improve their communication skills. Other than oral skills, a good lobbyist should also have good writing skills for when they will be asked to present their proposals in writing.


The reason why some lobbyists are not trusted is because of the history that some have left behind. During the lobbying process, especially when things get difficult, there are some lobbyists who feel the pressure and get tempted to issue bribes so that they can sway things their way. To become a good lobbyist, one needs to have integrity and be able to work within ethics so as to not taint their entire campaign. The moment you get caught on a scandal, you will never be taken seriously as a lobbyist.


There are some lobby activities that last for many months. They can be very intense, and without resilience, one can feel overwhelmed and get tempted to stop. Being a good lobbyist means having the resilience to keep pushing even when things are not looking up. If you check some of the successful lobbyists, you will realize that most of them have an admirable resilience that pushed them even when things were not looking up.