A common misconception amongst people, including businesses, is that hiring a lobbyist is an extravagant affair. Lobbyists might charge quite a buck, but the benefits of their services are immense. They will do all the heavy lifting for you and get the job done at the end of the day.

What Is a Lobbyist?

Different states have their particular description of lobbyists. However, the federal Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 stipulates all the conditions that one has to have to be considered a lobbyist. In basic terms, the term refers to professionals who try to influence political decisions on behalf of other individuals or corporations. Enlisting their services will enable you to get the attention of either elected officials or specific government agencies.

Learn why you should seek their services.

Personal Contacts Matter

In theory, you’re free to pen letters and even make phone calls to elected legislators. However, those letters end up in their thousands at the hands of staff workers. The person you get on the end of the line might be a mere intern rather than a congressperson. Renowned lobbyists have personal contacts with many legislators and influential corporates, and are, therefore, well placed on forwarding your concerns.


Lobbyists understand the system inside out. They know the influential members and the different ways to influence them. They have in-depth knowledge of how various committees are structured and whether their respective chairs are easily swayed. In short, they know who can be targetted easily and where not to waste time.

Getting Bills Passed

For a bill to become law, it has to pass through voting in the Senate as well as in the House. Even before reaching such stages, it has to pass through subcommittees chaired with persons of different interests. Getting a bill to navigate all these processes is often extremely difficult. To bypass these roadblocks, you need the help of a lobbyist.

Great Strategists

Lobbyists are incredibly strategic. They gathered immense experience on how the game should be played. They are best equipped with strategies that get results for their respective clients. They know what makes a particular legislator say yes.